Build A Flux Capacitor Replica

bttf 001sm Well, I finally finished building my Back To The Future - Flux Capacitor prop replica. I put it off for some time because of so many other projects. My last project was my Lost in Space B9 Robot and that took over 4 years to build. During that project, I learned how make silicone molds, cast plastic resin and work with many different types of materials. Those skills were put to use on this project. While my wife won't let me display my robot in the living room, maybe she'll let me install the Flux Capacitor in the family vehicle.

My goal with this site is to document the process I went through to make my flux capacitor and hopefully help others along the way. Check out the build progress I went through on the menu at the left.

Please let me know what you think of my site and how I can make it better. Send me your questions and comments. Pictures, I want pictures of your Flux Capacitor replicas, even before you are done. Let me know if you've found a better way of building any of the parts. To the right is my nephew Ben when he opened my prototype Flux Capacitor replica which I had given to him as a gift. That story is below.

shield eyes from light1sm