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Flux Capacitor Solenoids

Painting the Solenoid Base

painting the solenoid bases Brass PaintI finally found time to put some paint on one of the replica solenoid bases.

I found a airbrush paint at a local hobby store made by Model Masters (Testors) that is called "Brass - Non-Buffing Metalizer". I gave it a shot and I'm not sure I like the outcome. I've used Chrome air-brush paint in the past and it works quite well. With the chrome, after your primer layer you put on a glass black base.

Then the chrome is sprayed on and the gloss black is allowed to show through slightly, giving the chrome a deeper look. The brass paint has no base paint so you are painting over your (gray) primer. You have to completely paint your item. I'll reserve my final opinion until I apply the label and add the tubes. I plan on looking at what other air-brush paint companies offer.