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Flux Capacitor Solenoids

Solenoid Mounting Brackets

I need to fabricate a replica metal bracket that hangs off the back side of the Solenoid Base. It's a simple, bent metal bracket. I have not seen how it mounts but it may be tack welded directly to the round base.

First I made a mock up out of cardboard (sorry, no picture) to get the right look. Then I stretched it out to get the proper length to start with and transferred the bends to a piece of 3/4 inch wide x 1/16 inch thick aluminum strip (purchased at Lowes).

Solenoid Mounting Bracket

I used the end of a old style can opener to get the proper curve and to center the hole on each end. I placed the end of the strip against my belt sander and sanded the proper radius.

After the legs were bent in my vice, I placed it on top of the vice and I put one of my spare molded solenoid bases on top. Gently, but with some force, i pounded the top of the solenoid base with a hammer until I got the proper curve in the bracket. I had to straighten out the legs when I was done pounding, but it came out great.

Solinoid Mounting Brackets

I drilled a hole dead center in the base and used a screw to hold it in place.

bracket mounted to solenoid base

After making two more replicas, they went into the paint booth for a coat or two of the brass metalized paint.

painting the mounting brackets

Besides the above mounting brackets, there are a few other parts on the solenoid bases. The first I'll call the "cradle". If you look closely on both sides of the long tube, there are little wings on both sides which cradle the tube. Additionally, there is a formed wire that holds down the tube.

So a grabbed some cardboard and cut out some a few sample parts. I folded them and trimmed them to the correct size. next i traced the pattern onto some thin sheet styrene plastic and cut those out.

tube cradle prototype

I decided I didn't need the extra little hole that was present on the original. That part turned out to be a pain to duplicate. it just didn't look right, so I skipped it.

I used a small hobby butane torch to gently heat up the styrene and bend the wings up, to form the cradle. Here they are being primed.

All bent up

Next I sprayed them the same metallic bronze color as the base.