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Bright Lights - Big Problem

I've been experimenting with the Arduino and it is very fun to play with. I've been able to program a basic cascade pattern. I will post my code when I tweak it some more. I really like the flexibility it provides. Below is a video showing a quick test I did with the Arduino and a row of four LEDs. I set it to strobe at a constant speed.

You can see that the video also drops a few lights because of the frame rate (like the original movie).

The LEDs I'm using are very bright white. I ordered some Warm White LEDs and hope to get them in a few days. You can also see that I activate it using the RF Remote fob. The receiver is to the left at the end of the black cable.

Bright White LED's

I received my "Warm White" LED's today. While they were represented as a white LED with a yellowish incandescent glow, they sure look white to me. Below is a video for comparison. I also had the light sequence speed up each pass, to see what it would look like. I figured as the car approaches 88 MPH, the fluxing speed must increase unitl it reaches the magic number.

Yes, I know. I can't really see a difference either. Back to the drawing board. The good thing about dealing with a Flux Capacitor is it's pretty easy to go BACK and do it over. I really need to find an amber LED, I guess.

Warm White LED's

Another Experiment

Below I have added a second row of LEDs at an angle and also 4 additional LEDs that will be in the corners of the box. They are set to flash after the 88 MPH speed-up sequence.

I decided to go with the Warm White LED for now. I will continue to look for something closer to an incandescent look. The thing with LED technology lately is that every few months something new comes out and before long we should have something closer in color.