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Building the Flux Capacitor

Final Assembly

Now that all the parts are made, I need to assemble them in their proper place. This picture shows the Arduino board mounted in place at the bottom of the box. Remember, the USB and power ports line up with the holes I previously cut for them. The small "perf" board in the top middle of the box is where I mounted the LED driver transistors. The smallest circuit board in the upper right is the Remote Control RF receiver board.

This photo shows the back of the mounting plate. I pressed in each of the LEDs, added a little adhesive, and the proceeded to solder my wires on, according to my schematic. You can see I added a few connectors in the circuit to allow me to disconnect and remove the mounting plate. Also note the four voltage drop resistors are soldered directly to the LEDs on the upper right side of the "Y".

Here I've placed the Vacuum Solenoids and Spark Plug wires on the front of the mounting plate. In hind sight I should have waited to attach the metal mounting feet that are attached to the sides of the solenoid bases. I made them all the same and apparently that is not the case in the original. I'll correct this on my next one. Also, the 4 holes in an arc will be drilled smaller in the next one.

Here's a wider shot of the finished Flux Capacitor with the door open. I am very pleased with the outcome. With a few tweaks, I think I accomplished my goal of a creating a decent replica true to the original. And I had a great time as well.

Final shot of completed Flux Capacitor