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Building the Flux Capacitor

Show Time!

The Flux Capacitor defaults to a standard fluxing mode at a constant rate until one of the 5 buttons on the remote is pressed. Each mode plays for 10-15 seconds and then returns to the standard fluxing mode.Flux Capacitor Remote Control

The 5 different modes available are:

1- Ping-Pong Mode: A single light travels back and forth in each flux tube. When the light hits the outer most position, the 4 internal lights also illuminate.

2- Shuffle Mode: Two lights in each flux tube travel back and forth. I turn the 4 internal lights on when the tube lights are closest to the middle.

3- Inverse Ping-Pong: A single unlit light travels back and forth in each flux tube. This mode is tough to see in the video because of the brightness with all the lights on.

4- Disco Mode: I illuminate alternating lights in each tube. So lights 1 & 3 light, then 2 & 4 light. The 4 internal lights also alternate on and off.

5- 88 MPH Mode: The lights speed up until you hit 88 MPH and then they all flash, including the 4 extra internal lights. This is when Time Travel occurs!

I play each mode in the video below. I start with the 88 MPH Mode (#5) and then play modes #1-4 in order. You can see it return to the standard fluxing mode in between.