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Silicone Mold Making Guide

Mold Making Guide - Part 2

Part two of my Silicone Rubber Mold Making Guide. Be sure to start with part 1.

Prepare you original - If you are reproducing a part or existing object you have, clean it well. The item cannot be porous or it will get stuck in the mold. You may have to use a sealer on the surface. Choose your parting line carefully. In this case we are making a one piece mold, so the parting line will be the bottom of the part, which will become the top the mold when we are done.

Build your molding box - I use my son's LEGOS to make the molding box. It's quick and cheap. You can adjust the size to fit you project. Now if you are molding something of size, say bigger than a softball, you may want to build a wood or metal mold box. For smaller hobbyist type of molding, the LEGOS are sufficient.

Here I've placed clay around the outside of the mold to prevent any leakage. I hate leakage.

Measuring your Silicone Rubber - The silicone rubber I use has a ratio of 10:1, rubber to catalyst. Use the postal scale to get an accurate measurement. I put the empty container (plastic cup) on the scale first and zero it out. Then add the silicone rubber.

Continued in Part 3