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Duemilanove vs. Uno- Part 1

For my second Flux Capacitor, I purchased another Arduino micro-controller. They've come out with a newer version called the Arduino Uno. That means "One" in Italian.

Now the last one I purchased was the Arduino Duemilanove, which means "2009". like a good Italian wine, I guess they like to date the vintage.

I'm not quite sure what is different but it's still about the same price, has the same footprint and all the same output pins. Sounded like I was in business.

I purchased the same "Transceiver nRF24L01+ Module with Chip Antenna" module and compatible remote key fob. I also purchased a new version of the Arduino ProtoScrewShield to put on top. It provides convenient place to wire things up. You can hard wire the final design or you can do like I did and just leave the shield on in the final assembly.

Now all the info on the new Arduino Uno says it is compatible with older versions and will run the same programs as the previous Duemilove version.Ah, not so much!

I needed a newer version of the Arduino Software (Arduino 0022) so that it would recognize the new Uno board. That was the first hint that is was not going to go smoothly. When I recompiled the code, there were errors. It seems that there were some changes to a standard library. The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) library change from when I used the last version of the Arduino software. So I corrected that reference and moved on. I complied the code and uploaded it to the Arduino Uno.

Nothing happened. Well, almost nothing. Two of my lights lit up and remained on. I pressed some buttons on the remote key fob, but still nothing. At first I thought I had a bad RF Module or Key fob. It seems that if I bypassed the RF Module code, the lights would begin the normal fluxing mode. When the RF module code was entered, everything came to a stop. Not only was it not communicating with the module, it was hanging the whole program. I did some digging on the internet and found others that are having the same problem with the RF module and the new Arduino Uno as I was.

If you don't mind waiting 7-10 days to recieve your Arduino, BangGood has a great deal (less than $25 and that includes shipping) on an Arduino Starters Kit and it's dirt cheap. Check it out.