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Duemilanove vs. Uno- Part 2

So I did what most good electrical engineers would do while troubleshooting, I fell back to a configuration that I knew worked. But that meant purchasing the older Arduino Duemilanove model. Fortunately for me, they are still available and I even found them a few dollars cheaper through a vendor on Amazon. I expect these will be available for some time.

As I was hoping, I attached the ProtoScrewShield to the Arduino Duemilanove board, loaded the code and everything works as it did with my first Flux Capacitor. A few clarifications. I had to use the older version of the Arduino Software (version 0018) as it was set up to use the older version of the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) library. I believe there is a conflict between the newer Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) library needed for the newer Arduino Uno board causing my RF Remote module not to work. Either that or the MiRF Library needed to support the RF module needs to be tweaked to support the Uno.

Either way, I think I'll settle on using the Adruino Duemilanove for this Flux Capacitor and save the Arduino Uno for my next project, which will not require an RF Remote control. It's a Burroughs B205 Computer Console. Check it out.

-----> 4/6/15 UPDATE <-----

- In the process of planning my Second Flux Capacitor build, I became aware that the Sparkfun RF Remote I used for my first FC was no longer available. Sparkfun did not seem to have a decent replacement so I took to the net looking for another option. While searching, I remembered a few of the issues (hassles) that I had with the first RF Remote. While in the end, it worked out, it was not without some struggle.Be sure ot check out my second FC build here. It looks like I may end up using the Arduino Uno after all!