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Flux Capacitor Electronics


I use Eagle Layout Editor to create the electrical schematic. You'll need some understanding of the electronics to know what is going on. I was familiar with a few micro-controllers and I wanted to try out the Arduino in a project. This seems like a good one to start with. They are really cheap ($30) and have many add on circuits that have been developed for the hobbyist. This schematic is meant to show you how I controlled my Flux Capacitor and it not necessarily the only way.

Click on the schematic for a closer look.

UPDATE 4/6/15: I've decided to change the circuit/schematic for my second Flux Capacitor. I'm switching to an LED matrix circuit to give me additional control over the lighting effects. The circuit I used for my first Flux Capacitor, only allowed me to control the corresponding LED in each row. So if I want to light an LED, the same LED lights in each light bar (the columns). That limits the different patterns I can make. By using an LED Matrix IC each individual LED. I envision a mode that looks like a spinning blade, where I turn on all of the LEDs in one light bar, then lighting up the next bar, rotating either clockwise or counter clockwise. I am working on an updated schematic and will post it as soon as it's done. So, for now, the schematic below is accurate only for my original Flux Capacitor. Check out my Second Flux Capacitor progress here.