Build A Flux Capacitor Replica

Labels - Old School

shield eyes from light1sm

What I though was going to be tough turns out to be easy. I remember having one of the Rotexembossing label makers when I was a kid. It was green and fit right in your hand. The shape of it reminded me of the Starship Enterprise and I probably spent more time playing with it then making label. That's not to say I didn't make labels. I labeled everything I could get my hands on untilthe label material was all used up. My room must have looked like the Batcave with a label on everything.

Along comes technology and all of the label makers went all modern on us. Now they're electronic and computer connected. So, in my mind I imagining having to camp on ebay looking for a vintage label maker and worse yet, I'd have to find the label tapes, in red. Well, a quick search of the intertubes and I find that they are still being made. I stopped by my local Office Depot and there they were hanging on the rack. I didn't get the one they had as I want to do a little more research and figure out a few things. It appears that 3/8 inch wide is the standard but there are 1/2 inch versions available as well. I'm leaning towards 3/8 inch as the flux capacitor labels look a bit smaller than 1/2 inch. I'll keep you posted.

Disconnect Capacitor Drive

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